Helpful Information

White House Opinion Line    202-456-1111

U.S. Capitol Switchboard      202-456-1414
   (Operator can connect you to any senator or representative)

Western Union Toll Free       800-325-6000


Republican National Committee   202-863-8500

310 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 F-202-863-8820

Chairman: Rona Romney McDaniel
National Committeeman: Dr. Robin Armstrong
National Committeewoman: Toni Anne Daschiell



Republican Party of Texas   512-477-9821

1108 Lavaca, Ste. 500, Austin TX 78701  F-512-480-0709

Chairman: James Dickey

Vice-Chair: Alma Jackson

State Republican Executive Committee (SREC)

SD 16 Randall Dunning

           Susan Fountain


Republican Party of Dallas County    214-369-9555

10300 N. Central Expy                    F-214-363-0867

Suite 310, Dallas TX 75231

Chairman: Rodney Anderson

Executive Director:   214-369-9555

Voter Registration: 214-653-7871

Absentee Voting214-653-7192


National Federation of Republican Women  703-58-9688

124 N. Alfred St. Alexandria VA 22314    F-703-548-9836

President                                          Carrie Almond

1st Vice President                             Becky Johnson

2nd Vice President-Membership       Lynn Hartung

3rd Vice President                             Eileen Sobjack

4th Vice President                             Kim Reem

Secretary                                          Julie Harris

Treasurer                                          JoAnn Parker

Member-at-Large                             Jody Rushton

Member-at-Large                             Michelle Buckwalter-Schurman

Member-at-Large                             Ann Salpeter Schockett

Immediate Past President                Kathy Brugger


Texas Federation of Republican Women    512-477-1615
13740 N Highway 183, Ste. 14, Austin TX 78750-1832 

President                                Glynis Chester
1st VP-Special Events              Kit Whitehill

VP - ByLaws                            Debra Harper
VP - Finance                            Jill Tate
VP - Campaigns                      Corinne Miklosh
VP - Legislation                       Zenia Warren
VP - Membership                     Rhonda Lacy
VP - Programs                         Alice Melancon
Treasurer                                Susan Friedrich
Secretary                                Marie Maggio
Immediate Past President        Karen Newton
Parliamentarian                       Pam Meyercord               



Dallas County Council of Republican Women

President                                 Annette Ratliff
Vice President                          Deborah Guerriero        
Programs                                Tina Yampanis
Hospitality                               Poppy Airhart
Secretary                                Mary McElvany
Legislative                               Janet Clesi
Communications                      Betty Dawson
Historian                                 Jeannee O'Neill
PAC Treasurer                          Susan Fountain
Membership                             Diane Dees
Projects                                   Cindy Clendenen
Community                              Kit Whitehill
Fundraising                              Susan Fischer 
Publicity                                  Deborah Brown
Parliamentarian                        TBA
Past President                          Vicki Goode


Elected Officials



President                 Donald J. Trump (R)

1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20500-0003   202-456-1414                       Opinion Line 202-456-1111