1.       ONLY count hours pertaining to non-paid political activities. Hours as Election Judge, Clerk, Poll Watcher count IF pay is turned over to the county Party OR your local Federated Women’s organization.


2.       Include work done at home – mailings; preparing campaign posters or signs; telephoning – enlisted by a candidate/campaign; baking for a campaignBUT NOT for unit meetings.


3.       Count hours spent working at a special event or organizing the event – BUT NOT if you attend as a guest, or if you are compensated for the event.


4.       Count hours spent in session at Federation Board of Directors meetings and Federation Conventions – also time spent in preparation of convention if on committee – include travel time.


5.       Count hours spent in session at precinct, county/district, or state party conventions. You may include travel time. NOTE: Please remember to attend your precinct convention!


6.       You may count hours spent as members of county party or state party committees – ONLY during scheduled meeting times and you may include travel time.


7.       Count political work done at club meetings, i.e., attending a candidate with transportation, working on mailings, getting petitions signed for candidates, etc. DO NOT count regular meetings.


8.       Volunteer hours done at county, state, or Federation headquarters may be counted – BUT NOT for paid staff positions.


9.       All hours volunteered at campaigns and at headquarters include portal to portal travel – BUT NOT stops for personal errands.


10.   County nonpartisan hours for known Republican candidates in city or school board elections. You may include travel time.


11.   Women candidates who are members of the organization may count their campaigning as volunteer hours – as long as no salary is accepted. A separate award will be given this category at award events.


12.   Male associate members may count volunteer hours and must follow the same rules which apply to regular members. Male candidates cannot count hours working on their campaigns.


13.   The hours of dual members are counted in the member’s primary club.


14.   Whenever possible, please have your hours verified (by initialing and so forth) by the campaign, headquarters, etc.


15. NOTE: Presidents and Campaign Activities Chairmen are not permitted to work in nonpartisan campaigns when there is more than one Republican in the race or in contested Republican races! Units may not endorse in the name of the unit. Individual members may work for any Republican of their choice.